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The Folk Group Markers component automatically creates markers which show a player the position of the leaders of all elements in his/her platoon.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • init.sqf
  • f\common\folk_localGroupMarker.sqf
  • f\common\folk_setLocalGroupMarkers.sqf
  • f\common\folk_localSpecialistMarker.sqf

How to use

What players see for their own faction

Coloured markers are used to denote the position of the leaders of all elements in the player's platoon:

GroupMarker ShapeMarker ColourMarker Text
Deputy CommanderB_HQColourYelloDC
Alpha Squad LeaderB_HQColourRedASL
Alpha Fireteam 1B_INFColourRedA1
Alpha Fireteam 2B_INFColourRedA2
Alpha Fireteam 3B_INFColourRedA3
Bravo Squad LeaderB_HQColourBlueBSL
Bravo Fireteam 1B_INFColourBlueB1
Bravo Fireteam 2B_INFColourBlueB2
Bravo Fireteam 3B_INFColourBlueB3
Charlie Squad LeaderB_HQColourGreenCSL
Charlie Fireteam 1B_INFColourGreenC1
Charlie Fireteam 2B_INFColourGreenC2
Charlie Fireteam 3B_INFColourGreenC3
Medium MG Team 1B_SUPPORTColourOrangeMMG1
Heavy MG Team 1B_SUPPORTColourOrangeHMG1
Medium AT Team 1B_EMPTYColourOrangeMAT1
Heavy AT Team 1B_EMPTYColourOrangeHAT1
SAM Team 1B_EMPTYColourOrangeSAM1
Mortar Team 1B_MORTARColourOrangeMTR1
Engineer Team 1B_MAINTColorYellowENG1
Sniper Team 1B_RECONColourOrangeST1
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1B_ARMORColourRedIFV1
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 2B_ARMORColourBlueIFV2
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 3B_ARMORColourGreenIFV3
Tank 1B_ARMORColourRedTNK1
Transport Helo 1B_AIRColourOrangeTH1
Transport Helo 2B_AIRColourOrangeTH2
Attack Helo 1B_AIRColourRedAH1

Medics get their own markers as well:

GroupMarker ShapeMarker ColourMarker Text
CO MedicB_MEDColourBlackCOM
DC MedicB_MEDColourBlackDCM
Alpha MedicB_MEDColourBlackAM
Bravo MedicB_MEDColourBlackBM
Charlie MedicB_MEDColourBlackCM


  • If you do not use all the pre-placed groups in the CO Folk ARPS Platoons, markers for unused groups will not appear.

How to disable

Open the file init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - OA Folk Group Markers

Edit the line below, adding // to the start:

[] execVM "f\common\folk_setLocalGroupMarkers.sqf";


  • (Lor)
  • (Raedor)
  • Nullkigan
  • Fer