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By default, all AI characters have attached actions which allow players to greet, and be greeted by, the AI. As a player you can see this easily by walking up to a friendly AI and seeing new commands pop-up in your action menu. For multiplayer games this can be an annoyance. The Disable BIS Conversations component switches off this functionality.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • init.sqf

How to use

No configuration is required for this component.


  • This component works by disabling the feature for the player, not by applying a command to the actual AI. That means it will apply to any AI generated during the mission.

How to disable

Open the file init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Disable BIS Conversations

Edit the line below, adding // to the start:

player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true];


  • kevb0
  • Fer