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In order to allow changes to be made to the gear selection of individuals during the mission briefing, weapons, magazines and equipment must be specified as being available in the description.ext file. This optional component allows players to choose weapons, magazines and equipment from:

  • weapons.pbo (ArmA2)
  • weapons2.pbo (ArmA2)

Obviously, unless modified this may allow players too much choice in terms of available weapons, magazines and equipment.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • description.ext
  • f\common\f_gearSnippets.hpp

How to activate

Open the file description.ext and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Gear Snippets

In the block of code below edit the following line, removing the // at the start:

// #include "f\common\f_gearSnippets.hpp"

How to use

Locating the code

In order to edit the available gear open the file description.ext and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Gear Snippets

You should notice that in the first class weapons are grouped by type, and in the following class magazines are grouped in a similar fashion.

Making an item unavailable

To make a weapon unavailable for selection, delete its line or comment it out by placing // at the start of the line. For example, to make the AKM unavailable, edit its line to:

// class AK_47_M {count = 13;};

To make a particular magazine type unavailable for selection, use the same approach.

Making different numbers of items available

To alter the number of weapons and magazines available, simply alter the value of count. By default, 13 of each weapon and 52 of each magazine type are provided. You may want to limit the availability of certain items such as sniper rifles or rockets.


  • When editing the weapons and ammunition code segment remember that certain weapons share magazine types, however the classname of a weapon or magazine cannot appear twice, or it will cause ArmA2 to crash to desktop.
  • The more weapons and magazines made available via this component, the slower the mission will load; you should always delete any lines for equipment you do not need.
  • Detailed references covering weapons and their possible magazine types can be found on the BIS Community Wiki, also known as the Biki (


  • Wolle (who posted the equipment lists in the official BI Forums)
  • Fer