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This component allows a player to join another group. To do so, the player must be within 2.5m of the group's leader, at which point an option appears in the action menu (visible by moving the scroll-wheel). Some restrictions apply:

  • Group leaders in vehicles must dismount to allows players to join their groups.
  • The player cannot join a group that has no playable units in it.
  • The action is shown as long as the player is close to the group leader, even if s/he has already joined the group (but using the action repeatedly should not have any ill effects).
  • This component may not work reliably with respawn.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • init.sqf
  • f/common/f_groupJoinAddOption.sqf
  • f/common/f_groupJoinAction.sqf

This component is designed to work best with the CO Folk ARPS Platoons component.

How to use

Default configuration

By default this component is configured so a player can only join groups on the same side. No further configuration is required.

Allowing players to join groups from other sides

To allow players to join groups from different sides, open init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Join Group Action

Find the following line:

[false] execVM "f\common\f_groupJoinAddOption.sqf"; 

Change the value false to true:

[true] execVM "f\common\f_groupJoinAddOption.sqf";

How to disable

Open the file init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Join Group Action

Edit the line below, adding // to the start:

[false] execVM "f\common\f_groupJoinAddOption.sqf";


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