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To initialise the first aid features included in ArmA2 it is necessary to place certain game logics in the editor and synchronise them with the desired groups. The F2 mission file already contains all the necessary game logics, automatically synchronised with all playable units.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • mission.sqm

How to use

Available game logics

Three types of game logic have been pre-placed:

  1. First Aid: Battlefield Clearance
  2. First Aid: Simulation
  3. Functions

The first aid game logics have been automatically synchronised with all playable units in the mission (using commands in their init lines). Only one instance of the Functions game logic is preplaced, and this does not need to be synchronised with anything.


  • The game logic First Aid: Simulation automatically creates a corresponding instance of First Aid: Action - there is no need to pre-place the latter game logic in the editor.
  • Using the preplaced game logics can cause a small delay during mission loading - particularly when there are 12+ players in a session. For this reason it is not recommended that these game logics are synchronised with AI units if possible.

How to disable

In the editor delete all instances of the following preplaced game logics:

  • First Aid: Battlefield Clearance
  • First Aid: Simulation
  • Functions


  • Wolfenswan
  • Headspace
  • kevb0