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Although not vital, it is good practice to create a readme.txt file for the mission. This file is particularly useful if your mission requires the player to certain addons, as it should detail which addons are necessary, and where they can be downloaded from.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • readme.txt

How to use

To create your readme, open up the file readme.txt. Throughout the file the sections which you should edit have been labelled:

[ Insert specific information here. ]

Replace the text starting and ending with [ ] using your own content (delete the [ ] as well).


  • The version of the file readme.txt that comes with F2 is simple, and intended for use with co-operative missions. You should feel free to modify the template to suit your requirements.

How to disable

Simply delete the file readme.txt (or replace it with your own version). We recommend that all missions include a readme file.


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