Using F2 with other islands

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By default F2 is set up to work with Takistan (for ArmA2: Combined Operations). However, you may want to create a mission which uses another island. The process is actually very quick.

Preparatory tasks

First you must gather two items of information about the island you intend to use:

  • The suffix for the mission folder (for Takistan it's .Takistan).
  • The name of island's PBO file, as called from the AddOns section near the start of the mission.sqm file (for Chernarus it's Chernarus).

By far the easiest way to obtain this information is to create a blank mission on your chosen island, and then examine its folder and mission.sqm file.

How to convert

Starting with a fresh F2 build, change the folder suffix to your new island's suffix.

Open the mission.sqm file and replace all calls for the Takistan addon(s) with calls for your new island's addon (there are usually three: one near the top of the file, and then one each for the Intro and Outro sections).

You can now start ArmA2 or ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead and edit the F2 mission as normal.