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If you are using the CO Folk ARPS Platoons you may want to read this extract from the Folk forum, which explains how the platoon is structured.

What is the Folk ARPS platoon?

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What is the Folk ARPS platoon constructed from?
There are 3 basic element types within the platoon:

  • Leadership element
  • Fireteam element
  • Attachment element

Tell me about leadership elements
There are 3 types in each platoon:

  • Commander (CO) element
  • Deputy commander (DC) element
  • Squad leader (SL) element

These are 2-person elements, with the CO/DC/SL accompanied by a medic. Or personal physician. Whatever. I think he has some bandages.

Tell me about fireteam elements
Up to 9 in each platoon (although you can have more if you're feeling greedy), each consists of 4 players:

  • Fireteam leader (FTL)
  • Automatic rifleman
  • Assistant automatic rifleman
  • RPG rifleman

The fireteam is the basic building block of the platoon, and is patterned on the fireteam concept described in Dslyecxi's excellent TTP2. Fireteams are grouped into squads.

Tell me about squads
A squad groups together 3 fireteams under the command of a squad leader. There are up to 3 squads in each platoon (although, again, you can have more), named: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The fireteams in each squad are numbered and identified by their squad, e.g. Alpha 1, Charlie 3 etc.

Tell me about attachment elements
These are 2-man elements that can be used to add a specific type of special weapon to the platoon, such as:

  • Medium machinegun 1 (MMG1)
  • Medium anti-armour 1 (MAT1)
  • Sniper team 1 (ST1)

Not every mission will feature these attachments. You can also invent other types of attachment: vehicle crews, mortar teams, civilian affairs outreach teams with Hello Kitty stickers on their helmets (even).

How is the platoon organised?
If no attachments or vehicles are being used, the three squads are under the command of the CO.

New folk platoon example 1.png

What if there are attachments?
As their name suggests, attachments can be added to existing squads (coming under the command of the relevant squad leader), or act independently. In some cases, a CO may choose to place one or more attachments under the direct command of the DC, creating a new, specialist squad. Here are some examples:

Example: In this example a medium machinegun (MMG1) attachment has been added to Alpha squad.

New folk platoon example 2.png

Example: In this example, the mortar (MTR) attachment is acting as an independent element.

New folk platoon example 3.png

Example: In this example, the CO has asked the DC to take control of the medium AT (MAT1) and heavy AT (HAT1) attachments to form a special squad.

New folk platoon example 4.png

Hey, this looks a great deal like the platoon in Dslyecxi's excellent TTP2
Comrade! How can you say such a thing? Allow us to demonstrate the difference with a visual metaphor:


The way that the Army / Marines / Jehovah's Witnesses organise their platoons is still better!
They have way more people than Folk ARPS. And that level of organisation still makes us afraid.