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Complete the form below and click GENERATE BRIEFING CODE to generate the correct SQF code. Type normally - the following will happen when the SQF code is generated:

All fields are optional. Tabs or sub-sections left blank will be omitted from the generated SQF code.

Situation Tab

An opening paragraph conveys the essence of the situation. Try using two sentences: the first for the broader context (e.g. theatre level), the second for the local situation. Example: At the height of the war, the island of Stratis is the focus of heavy fighting. The outpost at Camp Rogain has recently fallen to NATO forces.

Provide the CO with key information about the enemy: type, strength, armaments and position. You don't need to be exhaustive, or even wholly accurate; you can also use linked map markers. Example: A platoon of NATO regulars, supported by a single tank, is dug in at Camp Rogain. Other NATO troops are patrolling the countryside to the south.

Provide the CO with a guide to any friendly, non-playable units in the AO (area of operations, where the mission takes place): type, strength, armaments and position. Again, linked markers are helpful here; you can also be more accurate and indicate their orders. If no friendly forces are present, don't use this sub-section. Example: A company of CSAT troops has captured the airbase on the west of Stratis, but is low on fuel and immobile.

Mission Tab

The words on this tab must convey the primary objective of the mission (and no more) in the most concise manner possible. For simple missions, aim for a single sentence. Example: Recapture the outpost at Camp Rogain.

Execution Tab

Provide the players with an idea of how they should aim to complete the mission. Example: Suppress the enemy position with smoke and grenade fire before assaulting it.

Outline any specific orders for moving the players around the map. Example: All infantry squads move by truck to the road north of the camp, dismount and hold there until the enemy outpost has been suppressed, then assault the enemy positions directly (on foot).

Identify any long range or artillery assets at the players' disposal (these could be player operated, or scripted). Example: The CO can use his radio to request smoke rounds from the nearby firebase.

Outline any specific actions the players must perform. Example: Destroy the enemy tank using AT rocket fire.

Administration Tab

There are no pre-defined sub-headings for this tab, but commonly covered topics include vehicles and special equipment (or lack thereof). Example (remember to include the font tags to correctly style sub-headings):

<font size='18'>VEHICLES</font>
Each squad begins pre-mounted in a truck. CO, DC and attachments begin pre-mounted in their own trucks.

<font size='18'>SMOKE ROUNDS</font>
All SLs and FTLs have been issued with extra smoke rounds for their UGLs.

Credits Tab

This is where you might want to add your own nick, and acknowledge everyone who helped you make the mission. Example: Made with love for Community X by Y.